New Business from DataBio project

New technology, Open data and digitalization are beneficial to the forest sector in the future. The EU Commission funded largest big data project in bioeconomy; DataBio project, demonstrated the use of new types of satellite, drone and mobile services for public authorities and other forest operators.

”These new methods and business models have been developed and piloted in addition to Finland in Belgium, Czech Republic and Spain”, explains Seppo Huurinainen, coordinator of the forestry pilots in the project from Wuudis Solutions Oy. The experience of this 3-year project that ends in December has been very good.

The innovations developed in the project have been recognized by Big Data and AI competitions in Europe and, for example, satellite monitoring of forest health has been introduced in the Czech Republic as a part of authority control. The forest standards in place in Finland have helped Wuudis Solutions to build scalable forest information management services, including Spain and the Belgian Wallonia.

Satellite monitoring in Wallonia

Belgian partner Spacebel has developed commercial services taking advantage of multiple forest open data, commercial very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery and other data sources for forest inventories and health monitoring. These services are coming soon on Wuudis platform to reach forest operators in Finland and elsewhere.

Bark beetle monitoring in the Czech Republic

Václav Tomášek Head of Section of Forest Management
Václav Tomášek telling bark beetle damages in spruce dominated forests in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the new Sentinel-2 and Planet satellite data-driven service concept were commercialized for the monitoring and prevention of bark beetle damages in Spruce forests.

Eucalyptus plantation monitoring in Spain

In Spain, the focus of research and development work was to develop methods for the identification and prevention of alien species in Eucalyptus plantations as well as piloting of Wuudis services for forest management associations.

Laatumetsä mobile app in Finland

In turn, in Finland forest work quality monitoring application was developed for subsidy payment and citizens app for monitoring of forest damages visualized on Finnish Forest Centre’s Map service freely for review.

The results of the pilots were presented to the stakeholders in early October 2019 at Databio seminar in Helsinki. The two-day event involved some hundred invited guests from domestic and international forest organizations. English-language presentations are available here.

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