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Our starting point is that the forest owner knows the state of his forest property and the measures taken against it, and the implementers know the state of the forest owner. With the help of Wuudis, forest operators manage the client's forest assets in a comprehensive and transparent manner, respecting the will and vision of the forest owner.

Clear and easy terrain applications for mobile devices are our core competencies. Through the agile and user-friendly application services, we are agile to transfer our accumulated knowledge over the years.

Wuudis is growing and evolving. You can be part of the new functionality produced by our agile software development team and released at regular intervals.

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Our company values

Customer satisfaction

We keep our customers happy by continually developing our services, keeping our promises and delivering quality work.


Our business is based on honesty and openness towards our customers and partners.

Teamwork and learning

We work as a team to achieve a shared vision.

Our Mission

Wuudis enables new business models to improve the return on forest assets across the value network.


We will grow to become one of the leading IT solution providers for the comprehensive management of forest assets using the latest technologies.

Research and development

We actively participate in international R&D projects in the bioenergy and forestry sectors to utilize the latest information they generate to develop our services. Wuudis Solutions Oy closely monitors the latest practices and technological developments in the bioenergy and forest industries.

DataBio focuses on producing the best raw materials for agriculture, forestry and fisheries for the needs of the bio-industry, for producing food, energy and biomaterials in a responsible and sustainable manner. To achieve these goals, DataBio leverages innovative sensor data and remote sensing ICT solutions and data streams to provide streamlined data mining, processing and visualization infrastructure to support decision-making in the bioeconomy sector.

The aim of the DataBio project is to increase the volume, productivity and competitiveness of the European bioeconomy by 25% through big data and to demonstrate improvements through large-scale pilots in the forest, agricultural and fisheries sectors. The project sees the bioeconomy as a whole that produces food, energy and materials and has internal connections. The focus is on supply chains, resource optimization and resource management.

The project will leverage existing data banks (eg forest, crop and fishery data) and develop new digital services and new big data applications. We are leading the Forestry pilot work package. In addition to Finland, pilots using Wuudis as a platform are being implemented in Belgium, the Czech Republic and Spain.

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In the SLOPE project, we were responsible for the architecture of the forest information system, developing mobile solutions to improve logistics, building an electronic marketplace for biomass and wood, and integrating numerous sensors and databases.

As a partner company in the project, we built and piloted an ERP system to manage supply chains of various energy crops from the field and the forest to end-use sites. As a result of the project, a cloud service with mobile solutions enables up-to-date monitoring of production and delivery transparency and sustainability.

We are the only SME in the project providing the doctoral student with a research environment and building sustainability tools to verify the sustainability of biomass production and supply chains in the Biomass ERP, MHG Biomass Manager.

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Castle-projects homepage

Description of doctoral student and research

In the project in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, we built and piloted a biomass inventory concept and a feasibility tool for biomass-based power generation feasibility studies.

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