Seppo Huurinainen

Sales and Marketing

+358 44 581 4950

Sudip Kumar Pal

Sales, Abroad

+358 50 431 7937

Jukka Eskelinen

Sales, Finland

+358 45 7870 9629

Jesus Martinez

Sales, Spain

+34 622 39 0297

Finland - Headquarters

Our address

Kiillekuja 1
FI-50130 Mikkeli

Office hours

Monday Friday
8 am - 4 pm

+358 10 400 6280

Spain - Sales

Our address

Viveiro de EMPRESAS, Lugar Noal 26, Porto do Son, A Coruña, 15978
CIF: B70602123


+34 622 39 0297

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    E-invoicing address

    OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)

    E-invoicing address

    EDI code:

    Business id

    If you are unable to send e-invoices, we will ask you to submit paper invoices in the future purchase invoice scanning service at:

    Wuudis Solutions Oy (OpusCapita scanning service)
    PL 74237
    00063 LASKUNET

    In order for the scanning service to target your invoices, this billing address must also be printed on the invoice itself, not just on the envelope. Please also note that no material other than invoices may be sent to this billing address, ie the mailing address for information and marketing materials will remain the same.

    Wuudis Solutions Oy Email Scan Address:

    Invoices should be attached to the email in PDF format. You can have up to 10 attachments in a single email and the maximum size of an attachment is 10 Mb. One attachment is always interpreted as a single invoice, and attachments other than PDF are not processed.