The DataBio project launched wood-specific quality and health measurements

Wuudis recently launched together with Senop Oy DataBioproject vegetation monitoring and stand measurement with a drone-mounted hyperspectral camera manufactured by Senop. It is an imaging measuring device that measures the reflection of an object with visible and near-infrared light.

The goal is to develop a concept for producing tree-specific quality and health information for the Wuudis service. The descriptions were carried out at the data pilot facilities of the DataBio project in Otava, Mikkeli and Hankasalmi.

The Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences - Xamk also participates in the Otava pilot. We also made a video compilation of the shooting day, which can be viewed from the link below.

Watch a video from the shooting day

DataBio - Europe's largest primary production big data project

The Databio project (H2020 Big data Public-Private Partnership project) is a giant project at the European level with a budget of 16.2 M €. The project will open pilots for Wuudis in the Czech Republic, Belgium and Spain, and a completely new kind of business for Wuudis Solution Oy with the construction of forest monitoring tools in the Wuudis ecosystem. Wuudis Solutions is leading the forest pilot work package in the project.

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