Finnish pilot develops a new solution for sustainable forestry

New unique mobile application puts forest Big Data to more efficient use.

The whole of Europe is feverishly looking for new ways to use farm, forest and fishery resources more responsibly and Sustainably and to promote the production of the best possible raw materials in order to increase the availability of food, energy and Biomaterials. VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd, the Finnish Forest Center and MHG Systems Oy Ltd are among the organizations that have joined forces to Accelerate European bioeconomy with the help of big data technologies based on aerial and satellite images and on open forest data provided by Finnish Forest Center. The Finnish partners have developed, among other Innovations, a unique mobile application that puts forest data to more efficient use. 

“Population growth and urbanization are increasing the demand for natural resources, which is putting a strain on the Earth’s carrying capacity. The European DataBio (Data-driven Bioeconomy) project aims to develop new sustainable ways to use forest, farm and fishery resources and to communicate real-time information to decision-makers and producers - land- and forest owners, farmers and fishermen ”, explains Research Professor Caj Södergård from VTT, who acts as the project's Technology Manager.

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