FOPRO: Digital production of forest products

Además del aprovechamiento Clásico de la madera, existen other aprovechamientos importantes de los Montes Como son los products from maderables: Miel, setas, resina, Piñones, frutos diversos, plantas aromatics, corcho, ganado, etc. These operations are relationally based on the production of products that can be realized in the form of a digital signature that reflects the practical needs of the authorized organization of the organization. This embargo is intended to apply to imports of products from the Community for the production of forest products, services and associations, and the importation of non-domestic products under the authorization of Sean rentables and operations. Hasta el momento son pocas las empresas digitales las que han Ofrecido Soluciones en este sector debido a que se requieren necesidades personalizadas y muy específicas. Wuudis Solutions has been involved in the development of the sector and the development of the forestry sector in the EU.

For this purpose, Wuudis Solutions SL is responsible for the implementation of the Wuudis Platform in the field of products made in Spain and Spain. This is the case for the European Consortium DIVA. Objective principles for the implementation and implementation of a series of pilot projects with a number of forests in Galicia, Castilla y León and Extremadura, which are authorized to be used as a platform for the development of digital media in the field of digital media processing . In this case, demographic benefits (for example, costs, costs, costs, costs, etc.) and different participants are also considered, as evidenced by the Wuda platform.  

In the beginning of the proyecto came from the world to the Mayo. It is initiated by an analysis and recopulation of information that is in the process of intervening with different participants in the process. Wuudis Solutions SL has been involved in the development of energy and identification of non-hazardous waste in different regions (Galicia, Castile and León and Extremadura). Until Hayan was established as a non-member of the Board, it was issued a license for the platform and the different participants and the pilots for a period of 6 months to complete the operation with the different operating diaries. Posteriorly, the participant is utilized in the form of services Autónoma siguiendo una serie de directrices establecidas durante el curso del proyecto. The equivalence of the aid and the permanent establishment of the different participants and the pilots are guaranteed to ensure the correct implementation. Durations and transitions in particular are reciprocally required with respect to the new functionalities and in the context of the application.

In the present case, it is necessary to take into account the different nature of the relationship between the production of forest products from Spain and Spain and to adapt it to the practice of production and digitization. Wuudis Solutions is based on the dispositions of the different sectors of the forest sector in Spain and is based on the importance of digital technology in Spain.

Other information:

Jesús Martínez, CEO and Ingeniero Forestal, Wuudis Solutions SL

Sudip Kumar Pal, Desarrollador de Negocios, Wuudis Solutions Oy

Elena Alvarez, Entrenadora-Ingeniera Forestal, Wuudis Solutions SL

Nelson Díaz

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