Easy-to-use It Solutions for Forestry

Wuudis Pro and stay up to date on what’s happening in your forest

It happens in the forest all the time. The fox adjusts its path through the felling hole to a handsome spruce. Heated by the spring sun, it slowly melts into the adjacent creek. The farther in the six the harvester does thinning leaving the best trees to grow. Dig out your smartphone pocket and take a photo of a seedling growing next to a spruce. Should it be given seedling care this year?

The image detection you make is stored in the service via the mobile application. You walk in the middle of the seedling and find that the seedling care is topical. You add a proposed action to the pattern in the mobile app. At the same time, you acknowledge the thinning performed by the harvester. In the evening, you view your observations in the forest with your computer’s web browser. Looks good, now your forest events are up to date.


Easily browse and update information about your forest in a web browser and mobile app. View planned activities and make observations about your forest. The information is updated in the service in real time. Thanks to unlimited storage space, forest services can be uploaded to the service, regardless of size. You can share forest resource information for viewing and editing with other forest partners or a forest service contractor who takes care of clearing your seedlings. You decide who you share your forest information with.


Wuudis offers the easiest forest asset management on the market. A clear user interface, easy-to-use drawing tools, versatile map layers and thematic maps give you a clear picture of your forest assets. Saving observations as images and text allows you to view current observations attached to spatial data and time anywhere, anytime.

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