Forest owner - demands quality for timber stores and forest management work

The majority of Finnish forest owners live in cities far from their forests or are otherwise limited to carrying out surveillance visits in their forests when various management or logging measures are carried out there. In principle, the measures taken in the forest must meet both the requirements of the Forest Act and the quality criteria of the forest management recommendations, and be happy to implement the will of the bill payer - the forest owner - and the strategic objectives in managing its forest resources. Large forest operators require their contractors to carry out plot measurements to monitor the quality of tillage, management measures or logging. Unfortunately, these terrain quality control measurements do not “drain” to the forest owner for strategic, technical, or other reasons. The forest owner does not know who did and how did his property? What and what kind of seedlings or trees was left to grow in the final game? What kind of damage was done to the trees or the ground? Similarly, the forest resource information or the forest plan was not updated, as a result of which the incomplete information leads to incorrect growth calculations at the head of both the forest owner and the government.

In current practice, some timber buyers or forest service entrepreneurs submit quality documentation on paper, if at all. Some are able to update, for example, forest information in their own digital network service, the use of which requires a membership or a similar customer relationship. However, talkative videos or video clips are not stored on current services or at least passed on to the forest owner. Historical information, such as a house service book, is not created by farm or pattern to strengthen the knowledge base of future generations about the forest and its earning and enjoying opportunities.

Wuudis Solutions Oy has been developing the Wuudis service in the DataBio and Phobia projects funded by the European Commission together with Metsäkeskus and the Work Efficiency Society, as well as independently with forest service and machine entrepreneurs for 4 years. Wuudis enables the quality reporting of forest work and felling from the forest on a pattern-by-pattern basis with photographs, video and machine flow data (under construction) throughout the life cycle of wood production - from tillage to final felling. The measured information and observations are displayed in the service in an up-to-date manner in the desired way for the various actors. In this way, the forest owner is always aware of what belongs and happens on his sites. The forest owner may also, if he or she wishes, submit or request the forest operator to manage the updated forest information to the authority on the service in Wuudis.

Bringing quality as a service factor takes the entire forest sector forward. It increases transparency, trust and verifiability for stakeholders and end customers about good forest management. Wuudis Solutions is a partner company of Remote Forest Owners and is ready to help all actors in the forest value chain in these goals.

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