Forest Owner - What do you think of Wuudis?

Jaakko Temmes, M.Sc. (Tech.), Forest owner

I have been Wuudis-user throughout the period when Wuudis has been on the market. Wuudis' mobile use has completely freed me from the printouts of the charts and brought me good base charts and positioning for the forest. Unlike its competitors, Wuudis has always offered the ability to supplement or correct forest resource information, either in the woods or at the desk using the Wuudis browser interface.

Wuudis has been a pioneer in what digitalization of forest resource information can mean. I see a lot of potential in getting information to flow smoothly from one application to another, and in the abundance of applications available to manage and use different forests.

Photo: Jaakko Temmes

Kalle Karttunen, D.Sc, forest owner and forest owner trainer

Photo: Kimmo Räisänen

I've used the service Wuudis forest owner himself and has presented its opportunities for other forest owners' Grow your forest with the "forest owner in exchange rates. Wuudis provides a continuum for more flexible use of the Metsää laser scanning material. Editing pattern data and boundaries, sharing spatial data, and leveraging rich map and spatial capabilities offer new opportunities for self-managed forest management.

I can utilize these qualities in managing both my own and managed forests. In addition, in the training of forest owners, the features of the service allow forest owners to approach and manage their forest assets in accordance with their own objectives.