TTS Työtehoseura

Wuudis provided the TTS Työtehoseura with a tool for training purposes. Our cooperation consists of a development project in which functionality meeting the requirements of the TTS Työtehoseura was implemented, as well as the maintenance of the implemented functionality and training environment as part of the Wuudis Team service.

The tool enables self-monitoring of thinning operations in addition to harvesting work. The self-monitoring application can be used to monitor the quality of thinnings and energy wood harvesting. Forest Machine operator makes self-monitoring measurements easily and fast from the cab of the machine.  

Application benefitthis paudio device features location of test plots. Work object patterns can be made by yourself or use for example, forest resource information available from the metsää service. Data collection is also successful in a situation where there is no communication connection, because the data is still stored in the application and is automatically updated as soon as the Internet connection is available.