Wuudis Business

Why Wuudis Business?

WuudisBusiness isWuudisbased on the customer platformWuudisservice package tailored to the customer's needs. 

Customer-specific implementation is built in stages through a software development project. The whole compilation of the existing cases and for customer-developed Wuudis service components, as well as a whole through seamless interfaces for integration in third-party services.

The customer-specific service product is either released as part of the generic Wuudis SaaS service or implemented as a stand-alone service package as needed. The stand-alone service package can be delivered on a customer-selected platform as needed and can have independent maintenance, development and support functions. The service will be released either fully integrated with the customer's existing information system, as a custom Wuudis mobile service, or through a custom Wuudis browser interface.

The basic idea of the service is to combine and transform data collected from different data sources into interfaces to serve customer needs. Customerservice can be user interface, interface service, spatial data, map, plan, report, simulation, optimization, monitoring, documentary or any combination of these. 

Due to the nature of the service, the importance of preparationWuudisBusinessservice implementation is emphasized. Customer-specific development projects are always carried out in close cooperation with the customer.

definitiveof servicetotals,s and delivery times are project specificWe can supply functional software components step by step well before completion of the whole thanks to our agile software development. 

Software projects that operate on agile software development principles can already be delivered to a considerable extent before completion.


Forest Advisers at the Finnish Forestry Center use Wuudis in their daily customer service work. The Forest Center service is based on the Wuudis Business service, which is implemented through an interface with forest consultants [..]

Several forest management associations use our field work guidance service to guide their own foresters and contractors. The service provides convenient field data and [..]

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