Wuudis Team

Why Wuudis Team?

The Wuudis Team offers the easiest forest management and project management on the market. A clear interface, easy-to-use drawing tools, versatile map layers and theme maps give you a clear view of your, your shared forest, or your client's forest assets. Saving your observations as images and text allows you to view current, locally-timed events in the forest anytime, anywhere.


Smooth operation anytime and anywhere with web browser or mobile.


The information is updated in real time, both in the web browser and in the mobile app, for you and everyone in your organization.


Only people or organizations that you have given permission to view your forest information will see your forest information.


The service is constantly evolving and you always get new features automatically.

Easily browse and update forest and project information in a web browser and mobile application. Verify and report the quality of forest management, logging, and other fieldwork directly from the terrain to the forest owner or other client or stakeholder. The information is updated in real time. You use the Project Management Tool to plan and carry out forestry or logging activities and to request an offer or consultation, for example, on carbon trading, forest protection or other alternative forest use.

Unlimited storage allows you to download forest farms of any size. You can share information about an individual forest farm for viewing and editing. If necessary, you can share all the data in more than one forest, or the action information for the selected patterns only. You decide who you share your forest and activity information with

The service has a 7-day free trial. After the trial, you must have a valid Wuudis Team license to use the service. Request a quote from Wuudis Team on our contact form or purchase from the Wuudis Team online store.

The Wuudis Team works best with Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. The Wuudis mobile app is available for free download at Google and Apple App Stores


Forest Advisers at the Finnish Forest Center use the Wuudis service in their day-to-day customer service. The Forest Center service is based on the Wuudis Team service [..]

TTS Työtehoseura uses the Wuudis Team service as an effective tool for the educational purposes of its stakeholders. The tool enables self-monitoring of thinning operations in addition to harvesting work [..]

Easy setup

1. Register

Sign up for the service free of charge. We offer you a 7 day period to try out our service.

2. Download

Download the forest information you want to the service.

3. Manage

You can freely view and edit your forest resource information from a mobile and web browser.