Welcome to the Wuudis Pro and the Wuudis Business support website. First, see the FAQ section for answers to your question. If necessary, contact the Wuudis customer service on the support form.

Wuudis Pro- Frequently asked Questions

The emails and notifications of Wuudis may not always appear in your Inbox folder. For example, in Gmail this type of automated messages gets filtered and directed to “Offers / Promotions” folder. You should therefore check the corresponding folders in your email and spam if the message is not immediately found. And be sure to check out the spelling of your email address, of course.

In addition, some certain e-mail services completely prevent reception of service messages that we cannot influence, therefore registration must be done using another email address.

Testing our services is possible without a ready forest information file. Register for Wuudis Pro, “Add” to the forest site and download it from https://asiointi.metsaan.fi/group/metsanomistaja_private/pictures-and-expositions/-/metsatila-nimi/kiinteisto/103090392.

Receive a testimonial datasheet for the service “Forestry increase “-button. This gives you access to all service features and tools for one-month test period. After 30-day test period, either you can purchase access to Wuudis Pro, or you will lose further access to the service.

Wuudis calculates the value of tree stock for tree species on the basis of the quantity of log (m3/ha) and fiberwood (m3/ha) determined per pattern. The service calculates the value of the stock based on the weekly price list of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), which is a nationwide average.

Open your forest property to the map view and click on the pattern you want. The basic information on the pattern appears in the info window. Tap the pencil at the bottom of the Basics window. In the opening window, you can customize the basic information for the pattern. Tap the Customize Borders bar to move and add points at the borders of that pattern. When edited cross pattern to your liking, click on found on the page at the bottom of the Save button.

Editing frame limits is possible over a web-browser in computer, but not in a mobile application.

Please check first that the mobile app has a permission to locate the device. The permissions are often found in mobile application settings. Also check that the mobile app has been updated to the latest version. If the positioning still does not work, turn the positioning and / or mobile device off and on again.

To unsubscribe Wuudis newsletter, you can click the withdrawal link found at the bottom of each of our newsletters.

Wuudis Customer Service

How can we help you?

The information in this form is sent to Wuudis customer support, which serves and assists you with any questions related to the service.

The Customer Support Service time is Mon-Fri 8-16.

If necessary, reach us at Wuudis service number + 358 10 400 6281

Call rates for a company number are from cellphones 8.28 snt/call + 5.95 cents/min and landline 8.28 snt/call and 17.04 snt/min.