Wuudis' success in the competition for new EU big data solutions

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) selected the solution of Wuudis and its partners as the second best success story in the final competition of big data projects funded by the European Commission in Riga

A total of 5 finalists were selected from the 20 candidates for the final competition, including the solution of the DataBio project of the Horizon2020 program coordinated by Wuudis, Digitization of forestry by leveraging the power of Big-Data (Digitalizing Forestry by Harnessing the power of Big-Data) reached silver. The winner was a solution developed by a big data project focused on streamlining traffic. Wuudis Solutions will act as the coordinator of the forest pilots in the project in Finland, Belgium, Spain and the Czech Republic. The pilots have e.g. developed and commercialized new modules for the Wuudis service, which is now also available in English, Swedish, French and Spanish. In Finland, on the basis of the Wuudis service, a Quality Forest application has been produced in co-operation with the Finnish Forest Center for self-monitoring of forest management work and mass data collection of deforestation data by anyone in the forest. The service utilizes open forest information produced and maintained by Metsäkeskus and returns the information to Metsäkeskus' information systems. Wuudis is also able to utilize forest inventory and mapping data from satellites and drone imagery and convert it into a forest standard format. The concept as a whole is unique in the world.

The Big Data Association's vision is to make Europe a world leader in creating added value from big data to improve the competitiveness of European companies in the global market. The development of the Wuudis service in cooperation with the best big data and remote sensing experts in Europe for the needs of end customers is a great example of a platform economy where a small Finnish company can develop and commercialize world-class innovative services to promote sustainable wood production and forest industry and improve profitability. About it CEO of Wuudis Solutions Oy Seppo Huurinainen wishes to thank the European Commission in particular for its financial contribution and for its excellent cooperation with Databio partners. From Finland, VTT, the Finnish Forestry Center and Senop Oy are involved in the project.

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