Wuudis Business is a Wuudis service package for customer-specific customer needs. The client-specific implementation is structured in phases through a software development project. The entity will be compiled from the existing Wuudis service components developed for the customer case. The service product will be published to either the customer’s existing information system as integrated, Wuudis mobile service, or Wuudis Pro browser user interface.

The concept of the service is to combine and modify data from different data sources to serve as a knowledge-based product for the customer’s needs. The customer product can be an interface, interface service, spatial data, Map, Plan, Report, simulation, document or any combination of these.

Due to the nature of the service, pre-preparation is emphasized in the implementation of the Wuudis Business product. Customer-specific development projects are always implemented in close collaboration with the customer. The delivery time for the final service product depends on the total duration of the project. It is already possible to deliver a significant number of software components that operate before the overall completion because of agile software development.