Wuudis is the finalist in the Digital Deed of the Year 2018 competition

The jury justifies its choice as follows:
“The Wuudis service meets a real need, as Finland is full of forest owners with very good
different abilities to manage their forest assets. Both individuals benefit from this technology
forest owners, forest companies and at the same time the whole economy. " The Wuudis service has been developed
MHG Systems Oy from Mikkeli.

A new tool for the forest owner and forest service company

Many forest owners feel that their own knowledge and skills are not enough. The Wuudis service offers both new and
for experienced forest owners a tool that allows them to combine their strengths and knowledge of forests
care and sales. Wuudis gathers different data sources on a single platform and brings together different stakeholders.
Wuudis makes forest property management straightforward and flexible, says Mikkeli
forest owner and specialist researcher Kalle Karttunen.

Even in Karttus, the Wuudis service runs in your pocket.
"I've taken care of metsätilojani more than 15 years, so I think osaavani already a lot of practical farm management.
However, I got excited about Wuudis right at its launch, as it brought with it new kinds of functionality
forest property management. Wuudis is able to plan forest maintenance and logging
from home sofa. The Wuudis service, which brings together different data sources, makes it easier for the experienced as well as quite
even novice forest owners, ”says Karttunen.

Satellite services coming

CEO of MHG Systems Seppo Huurinainen says the goal is to get forest owners to nurture and
make more conscious use of their forest resources. According to a recent study, only just over 10 %s
Finnish forest owners understand the real value of their forest assets and know how to manage or
handle it professionally. “Wuudis targets satellites, drone cameras and forests
development and utilization of laser imaging in forest management. Wuud is currently in business
for use by forest owners and operators in Belgium, Spain and Italy, ”reveals

Vote and influence

The vote is now open. Give your voice to Wuudis to promote forest digitization here:

The voting time is until 31 August 2018. The winners of the competition will be awarded at the Atea Focus event on September 25, 2018.

More information
Seppo Huurinainen, CEO, +358 44 581 4950

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