Wuudis Solutions Secured second prize in EU Big Data solution competition

Opening up research and Innovation results for the benefit of society is essential to acknowledge EU taxpayers´ money.  With this objective, Wuudis Solutions in collaboration with Finnish Forest Centre and other DataBio partners disseminated high-impact results achieved in EU Horizon2020 Databio project in success story competition organized by BDVA and BDVE project and secured second prize in Big Data Value PPP Summit in Riga yesterday by success story and business concept called  ‘Digitalizing Forestry by harnessing the power of Big-Data’. Wuudis Solutions acts in the DataBio project as a coordinator in forest pilots executed in Finland, Belgium, Spain and Czech Republic.

Big data value association (BDVA) is the private counterpart of EU Commission to implement Public Private Partnership (PPP) program. It is an industry driven international not for profit organization with 200 members across Europe. BDVA vision is to position Europe as world leader in the creation of Big data value.

One of the best attractions of the event is to listen success stories from different EU projects. Beforehand, BDVA experts reviewed submitted entries and selected 5 finalists from 20 candidates to be presented at the event. The success story ‘Digitalizing Forestry by harnessing the power of big-data’ presented by Wuudis Solutions was selected as second winner in the competition. This sets an example to the ecosystem; how a small company from Finland has created world-class innovative products to solve the decade-old problems of Forest industry. Wuudis Solutions would like to thank EU Commission and Databio partners to make this happen. At Wuudis, we believe in creating products to solve societal problems and create business impact.

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO of Wuudis Solutions says: “We are in a mission to exploit the power of Big-data for the benefit of the forest sector and society.”

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