Identification of precision information on the implementation of the emergency zone and the area of plantation in the field of integrated services and satellite monitoring

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Identification of precision information on the implementation of the emergency zone and the area of plantation in the field of integrated services and satellite monitoring

The Forestry Fund has accrued operations during the decade since 1990. In the case of the Center for Natural Resources, until 2019, Finland has been responsible for 1.5 million hectares of land to be stored in primary Rendos Pendientes. This is not the case for generic miles of new holdings on the basis of operational and demographic operations.

Wuudis Solutions y Terramonitor is an auxiliary service that can be used to provide services and data that can be used to apply to the Forestry application and control of the operation of the service platform.

Esta Plataforma estará disposable initials in Finlandia centrada en proyectos piloto, y tendrá un posterior desarrollo enfocado en associations Forestales y entidades de gestión Forestal cooperativa.

In the future, the concept of service is the same as in the case of the French Republic of Africa.

“Hemos integrado los servicios de monitoreo, Toma de Imágenes satellitales y Fuentes de data abiertos de Terramonitor en el servicio Wuudis, lo que permite a los gestores y propietarios Forestales Tomar conciencia de trabajos urgente que Deben realizar en sus terrenos. In the case of plantations in the field of plant replication and in the field of plant replication, the VESA is designed to monitor the development of eutrophication and analysis in the field of plantation, ”said Seppo Huurinainen, CEO.

“The satellite data service is based on the Globo terrestre.

In Finland, the service of the VESA service, which is based on the analysis and actualization of the constant mosaic of the satellite intelligent utilization of artificial intelligence (IA). A series of temporal histories of imaginary satellites can be used as a source of interest in vegetation if it can be used for other temporal and critical analysis of the probabilistic nature of the crisis ”, affirmed by CEO Joni Norppa de Terramonitor.

In the case of the Lanzada Service, the Como Platform for Planning, Monitoring and Supervision of Forest Recycling Operations. The application of the Complementary Para los Sistemas exists, in proportion to the actual and, in fact, independent and localization of the area of the area concerned and the actuarial requirements of the Primary Raleos, the Administration and the Car Service of the Member States. Services of Móviles. In the first place, the Member States have identified the need for digital communication in the field of forestry and to identify those areas in which there is an urgent need to ensure that the costs are reduced.

For other information:

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO            

+358 44 5814 950

Joni Norppa, CEO

+358 50 360 8096

Wuudis Solutions Ltd

Wuudis Solutions Oy is a pioneer in the digitalisation of Forestal. The products of the Wuudis Service are based on the use of agri-environmental agricul- tions and on the benefit of the medium-sized aquaculture plant and the biomass of the plant.

Utilizamos Big Data is integrated with a series of data for the field of data processing and implemented algorithms intelligent for the management and supervision of the Forest (de form Remota) Sean fáciles, systematic, independent and rentables.

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Satellio Oy

Terramonitor es una Empresa de datos espaciales. Hemos desarrollado una Plataforma global de data basada en satélites que provee other de 100 millones de Imágenes satellitales individuales.

The new technology is the Fundamentals and Cadenas for the automation of process data in the form of efficient and utilization of artificial intelligence (IA). Nuestra Misión es hacer que los datos espaciales Sean de fácil uso y ayuden a nuestros clientes a Tomar las mejores decisiones. Ver other:

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