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Wuudis is easy to get started with.

and try

Create an account for the Wuudis service and sign in.


the forestry plan

Upload your forestry plan to the service with one keystroke allowing you to edit the information concerning your forestry holdings.

the value

Wuudis will show you the value of your forests and the preferred operations in an easily understandable way.

always with you

Download the Woodis mobile app and you will be able to edit information and upload observations with pictures while walking through your forest estate.

Our services


  • Try for free
  • For forest owners, forest unions and small companies
  • 200 hectares storage for forest information management
  • Create groups for 3 users

Wuudis Pro

  • starting from 4,90 € / month / user
  • For timber producers, big companies and organizations
  • Unlimited storage for forest information management
  • Define the size of your group yourself

How can we help?

Our customer service will help you with questions that you might have about the service. Just email us: