FOPRO: Forest products digital management with focus on non-wood business

In addition to commercial exploitation of wood, another important output of forests are non-wood products like honey, mushrooms, pine resin, pine nuts, very diverse fruits, berries and herbs, cork, livestock etc. The operations of these non-wood product businesses are mostly performed on ad-hoc basis; lacking digital tools and standardized practices to organize it efficiently. However, keeping in view the growing income of forest communities, contractors and forest owners´ association from these non-wood products there is certainly a need of digital tools to make their operations cost-effective and sustainable.  Till now, this has attracted the interest of few digital players due to customized and very specific local needs. Wuudis Solutions finds this niche opportunity interesting due to its long experience in the forest sector in multiple countries in EU and globally.

To address this need, Wuudis Solutions S.L. plan to demonstrate Wuudis forest management platform towards the management of non-wood product business in Spain. This project is financed by the European consortium DIVA initiative. The core focus of this project is to conduct pilots with number of forest communities and forest land owners´ associations in Galicia, Castilla y León and Extremadura in Spain to use Wuudis platform and mobile application as end-users/customers to digitalize their business processes. It is envisaged to show tangible business benefits (e.g.: cost savings, resources savings, increase in income etc.) to those customers to encourage the continuous use of Wuudis platform.

The project kick-off took place during May, 2020. The project started with the collection of customers requirements and their process description. In order to effectively organize this at ground level, Wuudis Solutions S.L.  is collaborating with Biesca Ingeneria to collect requirements from all three regions (Galicia, Castilla y León and Extremadura).  After consolidation of the requirements, Wuudis platform license will be issued to the piloting customers for 6 months in order to demonstrate its use in their daily operations. Later stage, the pilot customers will use the service on self-sustainable model to be agreed during the project course. A continuous support and consultancy will be offered by Wuudis staff in Spain to all pilot customers in order to ensure proper implementation. During this course, further requirements will be collected regarding new features that they require in future as their businesses grow.

This project offers a unique opportunity for non-wood business management entities to adapt new and better practices through digitalization. Hence Wuudis Solutions warmly welcome entities from forest sector to grab this opportunity to become a fore-runner in digitalization and take the business to next level.

More Information:

Sudip Kumar Pal, Business Developer, Wuudis Solutions Oy

Jesús Martínez, CEO & Forest Engineer, Wuudis Solutions S.L.

Elena Álvarez, Trainee -Forest Engineer, Wuudis Solutions S.L.

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