Wuudis as Provider of Puuni´s Carbon Tracking Solution

The carbon offsetting trade is an effective way to achieve our sustainability goals. Half a hectare of plantation forest absorbs about 6,000 kg of carbon dioxide per year. This corresponds to about 30,000 km of carbon dioxide emissions from motoring at a rate of about 6 m3/ha year forest growth.

The challenge in carbon offsetting project is how to gather and organize Data that one can trust. One of the popular approaches in carbon offset is reforestation projects. In those projects, it is necessary to keep track of all activities in a systematic way, so that it is easily accessible and trustable by the potential funders of the project.

The newly planted spruce seedling on a frozen ground

In such a mission to promote reforestation in the context of carbon offsetting, a Finnish company Puuni Oy starts looking for specific digital solutions which can fulfil their needs. Puuni knows very well that this requires insight knowledge of reforestation or, in other words, forestry business. Hence, Puuni finds Wuudis Solutions Oy, which is offering exactly what they need to run their reforestation projects. Wuudis Solutions offers a forestry specific digital platform covering the entire life cycle of reforestation. It provides a complete chain of custody data concerning reforestation which makes carbon offset much more easy, transparent and accountable. 

Today Puuni Oy and Wuudis Solutions Oy have signed a contract for a monitoring and communication platform solution to track Carbon fixing in the sites to be afforested. Wuudis Solutions will deliver this solution based on Wuudis Business Service, which is also scalable to an enterprise resource planning, reporting and communication system for carbon trading customers. This is a major step forward in the development of supply chains for the carbon offsetting sector, which can be used for example to the reforestation of wastelands and other underproductive soils.

Petri Kämäräinen and Seppo Huurinainen.

Wuudis Solutions services are currently used to manage forest resources in addition to Finland, for example in Spain and Belgium. With this agreement, Wuudis is adapting its Wuudis Business Service to work seamlessly with Puuni’s own systems. Puuni also offers Wuudis service to its afforestation clients. The easy-to-use Wuudis Service can be accessed from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

”Carbon compensation customers need reliable and predictable information about afforestation sites, their exact location, and any actions taken, as well as tree growth and volume,” says Petri Kämäräinen, Puuni’s founding member. ”It is particularly important that services are available that can provide complete and transparent verification of the carbon offsetting business.”

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO of Wuudis Solutions, states: “Mobile and Web-based user interface monitoring and digital reporting, managed by Wuudis Business, will benefit all parties in the supply chain: forest owners, forest service entrepreneurs and carbon offsets. Transparency always builds trust.”

More info:

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO            

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Petri Kämäräinen, COO

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