Wuudis is a finalist of Vuoden digitaalisin teko 2018 competition

Vuoden digitaalisin teko 2018

The jury justifies its choice as follows:
“Wuudis responds to a genuine need, as Finland is full of forest owners with very diverse abilities
to managing their forest assets. This technology will benefit both individual forest owners, forest
companies and, at the same time, the entire national economy.”The Wuudis service has been
developed by MHG Systems, a Mikkeli company.

The new tool for forest owners and forest service companies

Many forest owners feel that his/her own knowledge and skills are not enough Wuudis provides for
both new and experienced forest owners a tool that can help them to join their forces and
knowledge of taking care and selling forests. Wuudis collects different data sources into one
platform and brings together different stakeholders.
Wuudis makes forest management straightforward and flexible, says forest owner and senior
researcher Kalle Karttunen from Mikkeli.Also, Karttunen has Wuudis running on his phone.
“I have taken care of my forest properties for over 15 years, so I want to believe I understand
something at this point.
I got excited about Wuudis right from the launch stage, as it brought new types of daily routines and
interesting business opportunities. With Wuudis forest care work and logging can be planned from
home. The Wuudis service, which brings together different data sources, helps both experienced and
new forest owners”, states Karttunen.

Satellite services coming

CEO of MHG Systems Seppo Huurinainen says that the goal is to get forest owners to conserve and
benefit their forest resources more consciously. According to a recent study only a little over 10% of
Finnish forest owners understand their forest true value and know how to manage or take care of it
professionally. ‘’Wuudis aims to develop and utilize laser descriptions, satellites, drone cameras, and
crowd sourcing data collection in forest care works and harvesting operations. Wuudis is currently
being launched by forest owners and forestry operators in Belgium, Spain and Italy, "explains

Vote and influence

Voting is now open. Give your vote to promoting of forest digitalization with Wuudis here:
https://www.atea.fi/tapahtumat/2018/vuoden-digitaalisin-teko-2018/?ty_yri=1 .

The voting period is up to 31.8.2018. The winners will be awarded at the Atea Focus event on 25.9.2018.

Further information

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO, +358 44 581 4950

MHG Systems

MHG Systems, a leading pioneer in its industry, provides solutions for large data and mobile
technology solutions for all operators in the bioeconomy chain. which can improve efficiency and minimize costs and environmental impacts. Tools enable material and human resource optimization
and more intelligent and more productive business models.
More information:

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