Wuudis Pro provides the forest owner and forest operator with an easy-to-use interface for forest resource information. Wuudis Pro Displays forest resource information downloaded from Metsään.fi service in a streamlined and easy-to-use interface in a Web browser and mobile.

Wuudis Pro enables the maintenance of forest data and the ability to increase the location and time of observation based on spatial data. The format for the transfer of basic data is the standard XML file Metsään.fi the service or the service producer’s forest system. Wuudis Pro also allows for farm-specific forest planning without base data.

Maintaining your own forest information requires a valid Wuudis Pro license. One-user annual license for purchase from an online store at a price of €99/12 months (VAT 0%). Company/Group License starting €900/12 months (VAT 0%).


Manage your forest resource information easily

  • Import and export forest resource information
  • Use in web browser and mobile app
  • Several map layers, estate boundaries and identifiers, map objects
  • Share information with other users

How to get started with Wuudis Pro

  1. 1. Register to service
  2. 2. Import or create your forest resource information
  3. 3. Manage your forest information easily and effectively