Wuudis ranked as Key Innovators by EC Innovation Radar

Wuudis – A Forestry one-stop platform for forest management and monitoring was selected to innovation category Optimisation considered ready for the market.

Innovation Radar aims to identify high-potential innovations and innovators in EC-funded research projects. The Innovation Radar platform builds on the information and data gathered by independent experts involved in reviewing ongoing H2020 projects. Two indicators have been built with the Innovation Radar data. The first is the Innovation Potential Indicator which aims to measure Horizon2020´s innovation development towards commercialisation. The second is the Innovator Capacity Indicator which aims to capture the innovative capacity of the innovators behind these innovations.

The aim is to make information about EU-funded innovations from high-quality projects visible and accessible to the public in one place. The EU’s Innovation Radar platform will show citizens the many excellent technological and scientific advances being delivered by researchers and innovators around Europe, funded on their behalf by the European Commission.

Wuudis Business Service under construction through DataBio and client projects is a part of the Wuudis Forestry one-stop platform used e.g.  by Finnish Forest Centre, several forest management associations, and 5000 forest owners. “Laatumetsä (Forest work quality and health monitoring) app is built on top of Wuudis for Finnish Forest Centre, being most likely the first crowd sourcing service ever launched for citizens to collect data from forest damages and care works for subsidy payments”, explains Seppo Huurinainen CEO of Wuudis Solutions Oy. The Laatumetsä app is also interfacing seamlessly with Forest Centre´s IT systems allowing updates straight from the field by forest owners, contractors and other stakeholders. This digital ecosystem can be easily customized to international markets as it is built on standardized procedure which are open and scalable.

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Seppo Huurinainen, CEO, +358 44 581 4950


Eoghan O’Neill, Innovation Radar team


Wuudis Solutions Oy

Wuudis Solutions Oy is a forerunning company in forest digitalisation. Wuudis services bring efficiency gains, cost savings and environmental benefits to all operators of forest and bio-based businesses.

We harness the power of big data through integrating Wuudis with multiple forest big data sources in standardized way,  and implement intelligent algorithms to make forest management and monitoring simple, systematic, autonomous and cost-effective.

Visit us on http://www.wuudis.com.

Innovation Radar

More information: https://www.innoradar.eu/

DataBio project

More information: https://www.databio.eu/en/

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